Uncontested Divorce

It is invariably better for all parties and their children if they can cooperate and resolve all of the issues in their divorce. An uncontested divorce can do this. Even though there are important decisions to make and issues to resolve, a couple may agree to do it in a reasonable manner and to put their children through as little trauma as possible during the divorce proceedings. This relieves some of the emotional and financial stress of divorce.


It is not a difficult matter to file for divorce. No fault need be shown to ask for a disolution of a marriage. In order to have standing, you must have been domiciled in Texas for at least 6 months and a resident in the county where you are filing for at least 90 days. The divorce procedure begins when the filing party serves the other party with a petition for divorce. The served party has 20 days to answer the lawsuit, and can do it by simply issuing a general denial. Sixty days later, the court can sign a final decree.


It seems simple, and sometimes it is when the marriage was a short one and no children resulted from the union. A divorce attorney can assist with the paperwork and filings in an uncontested divorce action, or the parties can attempt to do it themselves. However, inevitably issues arise that must be addressed by negotiation. Without the guidance of an experienced family lawyer, these issues can quickly turn an uncontested divorce into a contested one. Even when the parties think they have agreed to the terms of a divorce, the paperwork may not accurately and legally reflect that agreement. Problems can result later on.

As with any divorce, professional advice and competent legal counsel are important to keep the case moving smoothly through the court system. It needn’t be expensive to obtain this advise, but If issues do arise between the divorcing spouses, a skilled attorney can help them reach a reasonable conclusion and agreement that allows the divorce to move forward. Chernoff Law is dedicated to our clients who want to reach a swift, successful conclusion. Our attorneys provide legal counsel during uncontested divorce while at the same time protecting the interests of our clients. For a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers, make an appointment today.