Spousal Abuse

Typical spousal abuse can be physical, emotional,  or sexual. Either sex can be victims of spousal abuse. Sometimes the abuse is directed both at the spouse and the children. In reality, children often suffer just by being in an abusive environment. As a result of spousal abuse, children can become fearful and withdrawn, and some children copy the abuser’s manner later on in life.

Physical abuse can be prosecuted under the Texas Penal laws. It is against the law to intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause bodily injury to a spouse. This is a Class A misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in jail and a $4000 fine. As well, physical spousal abuse can be the foundation for an Application for a Protective Order.


Spousal abuse often involves physical abuse. It can involve hitting, kicking, choking or brandishing a gun. Emotional abuse can wear down a victim with a barrage of degrading statements and threats. This type of abuse is particularly dangerous because it undermines a spouse’s self-esteem, leaving the individual with the impression that they deserve the abuse. Sexual abuse can consist of forcing a partner to do degrading sexual acts, such as forcing a spouse to have sex when it is not wanted. Financial abuse is a way for one spouse to control another. It may mean refusing to allow a spouse to work, but can also involve withholding money or possessions.

We are the legal team at Chernoff Law, and our family law firm is dedicated to helping victims of spousal abuse and domestic violence. Our firm can go to court and obtain a restraining order or protective order that bars the abusive spouse from using violence and making threats directly or indirectly through other persons. In certain circumstances, the abusive spouse can be prohibited from coming to the home, work or school. We understand at our firm that our main purpose is to protect our clients from harm, personally or legally.