Modification of Spousal Maintenance

In the state of Texas, alimony or spousal maintenance is a limited award. If the marriage has lasted for a significant amount of time and one spouse is incapable of earning a living, then spousal maintenance may be awarded. Maintenance may be temporary during the filing stages of divorce or long term as part of a divorce decree. If the party paying maintenance has a material change in his financial situations then grounds may exist for a modification of spousal maintenance.  If you believe you may be eligible for modification of spousal maintenance modification or would like to find out if you are eligible, speak with a Houston divorce attorney from our firm immediately.

There are specific guidelines in place for how long spousal maintenance can last, and generally payments (espcially temporary maintenance) will cease once the receiving spouse is able to earn a sufficient income on his or her own. Before this time is completed however, the ex-spouse making the payments may no longer able to afford what he once could and it becomes necessary to seek a modification of spousal maintenance.

It is possible but dangerous for the spouses to make an informal agreement to reduce or stop maintenance payments, since without authorization by a Judge,  the agreement could be easily broken and leave the parties in a much worse situation.


We have the experience and knowledge clients need to help reduce your obligation through a modification of spousal maintenance. Call today to discuss your particular financial situation or change in circumstances that may warrant a reduction of your payment. These are complicated matters best addressed by professionals with the know-how and resources to properly handle your case and protect your financial stability.