Modification of Court Orders, Harris County, Montgomery, Galveston, Fort Bend

Modification of Court Order

Upon a divorce or parentage action,  a final court order is produced and signed by the Judge. It is filed in the court records and becomes a public document. It will dictate things like child support, custody, property division, spousal maintenance and other issues that relate to property division and matters involving the children. This order is legally binding, but its terms do not have to last forever. If given sufficient reason by a party to do so, a court may agree to a modification of court order. This requires a new filing by a party, and usually involves some level of litigation or mediation.

Many people find the need a modification as a result of lifestyle changes or financial hardships. An individual may believe a modification of court order is necessary because it would be in the best interest of the children. Really, any provision of the decree can be modified, but the types of modification our firm sees most often is:

Life almost never goes as planned, which is why court orders that initially worked after your divorce may not be working now. People lose their jobs, people become ill and sometimes cases of child abuse arise. If you are not content with your current divorce or separation agreement, we can help you.

Conversely, you may be perfectly content with your divorce or separation agreement as it stands but your former spouse is trying to change those orders without just cause. Our firm can protect you from this unfair and unjustified attempt to go back on your agreement.


If you are facing a job change, a medical emergency, or another circumstance in which you need a change the terms of your divorce, please consider getting in touch with a Houston divorce attorney at our firm today. We will protect you and your children in the modification process. Please give us a call today!