Modification of Child Support


In any divorce where one party is awarded primary custody, the other parent is required to provide support for the children. Among other requirements, the non-custodial parent will be required to pay child support. In Texas, the amount of child support is presumed according to a sliding scale that depends on net resources and the number of children. In addition, a non-custodial spouse may be required to provide for health insurance, although the parent who provides insurance will depend on other factors other than who has custody. There are situations where a modification of child support must be addressed.

When a significant financial change affects the life of a divorced parent, he or she may no longer be able to pay the child support that is required. In other situations, a parent may receive a substantial raise in income level or inheritance money that enables them to pay a greater amount of child support than had originally been ordered. In addition, a child may suffer from some medical or mental condition that requires greater parental financial support.  Modification of that responsibility is permitted to be changed under Texas Family Code, Chapter. 156. Whether you are seeking to increase the amount of child support that you receive, or are trying to lower the cost of support you pay, we are here to help you file your modification of child support.


Both parents are responsible for the well being of their children, and the ultimate goal of child support is to ensure the happiness and comfort of your child. However, the Court is aware that child support is a financial burden, and it does no good to any party if the parent who pays child support is unable to because it prevents him from living a reasonable life.

Although the amount of child support that you or your spouse pays was set by the original divorce decree or parentage lawsuit, either parent has the right to ask for a review of the child support agreements when a financial change requires modification of child support. No matter whether the child support is too low or too high in light of recent circumstances and changes, a skilled attorney at Chernoff Law can assist you in modification of child support.

Our firm has helped many families in successfully modifying their child support payments. We understand that if financial circumstances have changed markedly for you or your spouse, a modification may be in order. Let us review your situation and tell you what it will take to modify your child support obligation. Call our firm today for a free phone consultation.