Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Information

Domestic violence can have a major impact in a divorce. A spouse should not be forced to tolerate a life that involves throwing things, threats to hurt the spouse, children or pets. Domestic violence could include verbal abuse, using a weapon to scare, slapping, pushing or kicking. Domestic violence could even involve economic, sexual and emotional abuse. A finding of domestic violence will seriously affect a Judge’s division of assets and child conservatorship.


According to the Texas Council on Family Violence, a survey in 2002 indicated that 74% of Texans had been aware of domestic violence occurring to themselves, a family member or a friend. Out of this number, 47% reported experiencing some form of domestic violence themselves. In 2009, there were over 193,000 incidents of domestic violence in Texas that resulted in 111 women being killed. Over 12,000 adults and 15,000 children received shelter from situations of domestic violence, and this problem is still ongoing throughout the state. Here at Chernoff Law, we are always concerned when our client reports that he or she has been a victim of domestic violence and fight aggressively to protect our clients.


We are skilled in obtaining restraining orders or protective orders against abusive family members. These orders restrain a person from coming near our client’s home, work or other places they frequent. They forbid the abuser from threatening or abusing the client or his or her family members. If the abuser owns a firearm, he will be forbidden from possessing the weapon.


However, not all accusations are true. A spouse falsely accused of domestic abuse can feel like a victim as well. The State is well adapted to protect a spouse who makes a claim of abuse. Agencies, divisions in the local District Attorney’s office and the Attorney General are all geared up to do what is necessary to protect the battered spouse – even if the accusations are completely false! It is absolutely necessary to make sure that your lawyer is geared up as well to fight these false accusations. Otherwise, they will be taken as true and severely impact our client’s right to visit with his children and obtain a fair distribution of assets.


No matter whether you are a victim of family violence or are being accused of family violence, we can help. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that the divorce decision does not impact our client’s ability to maintain his or her relationship with his children. We are alert to the necessity of assuring our client’s financial stability. Call us today to schedule your free and confidential phone consultation!