Divorce in Texas, Houston, Fort Bend County and Galveston

About Divorce

Divorce is a sad reality for many married couples. Statistics have shown that up to 50% of marriages will end in divorce. It is never a pretty affair.

The termination of a marriage is always a traumatic experience for the parties involved. Children are especially affected by the split of their parents. It is vitally important that any resolution in a divorce ensures that the parties can afford to live separately and the children are able to maintain the relationship they have established with mom and dad.

It is always in the children’s best interest to resolve matters of child custodychild support and child visitation  as amicabily and quickly as possible. However, in situations where one parent has done acts which harm the other spouse or the children, it may not be in the best interest of the children to allow wide open possession. This must be fought in the strongest possilbe way.

Property and debt division is always part of a marital separation. Although generally the court will look to equitably divide debts and assets, this decision will be skewed by issues such as fault in the divorce and the relative abilities of the parties to support themselves.


Chernoff Law is is knowledgeable in all areas of marital separation, child custody, child support and modification. Divorcing spouses may face one of the following types of divorce:

It is important to have an experienced legal advocate who can deal with the parties involved and protect your interests and personal goals. Texas law states that married parties must wait at least 60 days after the filing of the divorce action to finalize, but typically the law suit takes much longer when the parties can’t agree on important issues. Care from supportive attorneys can aid the legal process. This is especially true when there are children involved.

We work tirelessly to finalize a divorce as quickly as possible. However, our main goal is to make sure that our client is able to maintain their relationship with their children, continue to live a life free from excessive debt and begin a life with assets sufficient to allow a smooth transition into single life. When children are involved we always consider their best interest first. Call us at Chernoff Law today for a free consultation.