Support, Visitation and Custody Court Order Enforcement


Getting a court order that determines possession and which party must pay child support is sometimes only the first step. Many times, spouses who are irresponsible or disappointed with the courts ruling will either completely ignore the court’s mandate or lag behind in payments. There is nothing more frustrating than a former spouse who late pays his child support or fails to notify the other party that he or she will not be exercising visitation.

If your ex-spouse has failed to comply with court orders involving child visitationchild support or other divorce agreements, you may suffer extreme financial hardship. The money that you receive from your divorce may be necessary to pay rent and groceries. The good news is that you have the right to pursue the money to which you are entitled.

If your ex-spouse is in violation of a valid court order, we can assist. Refusal to abide by court orders is a contempt of the court. We can file a Motion for Contempt in the court of original jurisdiction. Your ex-spouse will be personally served and be forced to appear and explain why he or she has failed to comply with the court’s orders. In some cases, failure to pay child support or permit visitation will be penalized with fines or jail time. Your ex-spouse may also have to compensate you for attorney’s fees and court costs.

Here at Chernoff Law, we believe that no one should have to endure this irresponsible and childish type of behavior and we will do everything in our power to ensure that your divorce agreements are carried out as planned.


In many cases it is not necessary to go to court to resolve the enforcement action. If a spouse knows that you will be seeking means to enforce his or her responsibilities, resolution can often be arranged out of court. We have used numerous alternatives to dispute resolution in our cases, but our attorneys are always prepared to go to court if necessary. Enforcement of court orders actions do not need to be drawn out and stressful for everyone involved. Our main focus is to see to it that our clients, and their children, can begin to rely on the written orders from the court and attempt to live a peaceful and orderly life.